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Original birdhouse H.-J. Geratz

Wood is my passion

When I was in Bavaria last year, I met a carpenter there, who built the best birdhouses. As a template serve him original farmhouses from his village.

When I saw that, I could not stop thinking: "I can do that too!"

Since I have been a pensioner for several years, I have now set up a small workshop.

This started the planning and construction of the first bird house models.

I just started building nesting boxes and birdhouses of various kinds.

In order to give you the best quality, my special attention naturally goes to the selection of woods.

The birdhouses built by me are made of 95% solid larch wood. For the remaining 5% it is unfavorable to use massive larch wood. Here, however, I also use the best quality wood, which is suitable for the construction of a durable bird house.

I use only selected, healthy and seasoned woods from winter precipitation for the production of birdhouses.

I attach great importance to the fact that the cottages are made of durable larch wood which is as far as possible free from knots.


This deciduous conifer grows mainly in the middle and high elevations of the Alps and the European highlands. - In 2012, the larch was tree of the year in Germany.

The wood is particularly hard and elastic at the same time, while the reddish to brown heartwood has a very large resin content, it is naturally very weather-resistant and therefore ideally suited for use in aviary building.

So if you are fond of animals and would like to have something very special in your garden or on your terrace, which lasts up to 10 years and longer, then write me a message.

However, I produce no cheap junk, or stapled mass-produced. (as from the hardware store) - All components are carefully sawn, pre-drilled, then glued with waterproof wood glue and bolted several times with stainless screws.

Each part is a   U N I K A T   and takes its time until it's done.

In some cases, the birdhouses consist of approx. 800 individual parts, which I make carefully by hand. Therefore, I ask for some patience (about 3 to 6 months depending on the size) until then a gem is finished.

I would be very happy to give you pleasure with a "Original H.-J. Geratz Vogelhaus "  as a jewel for your garden.

Your inquiries u. I accept orders.

Of course, your special wishes can also be incorporated here.

Since I have to buy material for each order first, I ask for a deposit of

50% of the purchase price. - Balance on completion.

The selling prices are fixed prices and non-negotiable.

If you have questions just write me a message.


Hermann-Josef Geratz


https:            -          Facebook: Original Vogelhaus H.-J. Geratz



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